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1Promotion vide O.O.No.40/G/DOP Shri Deepak Kr. Sharma JD Education Service03-Jan-2024 Promotio1463.pdf
2Promotion vide O.O.No.7429/G/DOP Mrs.Nima Dolma Sherpa and others SCS29-Dec-2023 Promotio1462.pdf
3Promotion vide O.O.No.7426/G/DOP Dr. Rodhan Prithawar and others AHVS29-Dec-2023 Promotio1460.pdf
4Promotion vide O.O.No.7424/G/DOP Mrs. Sangita Sharma and others ACF29-Dec-2023 Promotio1458.pdf
5Promotion vide O.O.No.7419/G/DOP Smt. Deepa Sharma SPS29-Dec-2023 Promotio1455.pdf
6Promotion vide O.O.No.7418/G/DOP Shri Kunzang Dorjee Shangderpa SPS29-Dec-2023 Promotio1454.pdf
7Promotion vide O.O.No.7415/G/DOP Smt. Diki Lepcha and others SGS29-Dec-2023 Promotio1453.pdf
8Promotion vide O.O.No.7411/G/DOP Shri Tenzing Norbu Bhutia and others DFO29-Dec-2023 Promotio1452.pdf
9Promotion vide O.O.No.7400/G/DOP Shri Prasan Tamang and Prakash Gurung Engineering Service29-Dec-2023 Promotio1451.pdf
10Promotion vide O.O.No.7399/G/DOP Shri Doniv Rai Architect Service29-Dec-2023 Promotio1450.pdf
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