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1Promotion vide O.O.No.7042/G/DOP Shri Kunga Lachenpa and Tshering Peden Bhutia Engineering Service23-Nov-2023 Promotio1436.pdf
2Promotion vide O.O.No.7041/G/DOP Shri K.S. Bhutia Engineering Bhuita23-Nov-2023 Promotio1435.pdf
3Promotion vide O.O.No.7040/G/DOP Shri Laxmi Prasad Pradhan others Engineering Service23-Nov-2023 Promotio1434.pdf
4Promotion vide O.O.No.6950/G/DOP Dr. Dipendra Raj Pradhan and others AH and VS Service16-Nov-2023 Promotio1431.pdf
5Promotion vide O.O.No.6944/G/DOP Smt. Anita Pradhan and others State General Service16-Nov-2023 Promotio1430.pdf
6Promotion vide O.O.No.6940/G/DOP Mrs. Yozna Lungun Rai and others SCS10-Nov-2023 Promotio1428.pdf
7Promotion vide O.O.No.6938/G/DOP Bishnu Kumar Rana and others General Service10-Nov-2023 Promotio1427.pdf
8Promotion vide O.O.No.6931/G/DOP Dr. Chimi Choden Bhuita and others Health Service10-Nov-2023 Promotio1424.pdf
9Promotion vide O.O.No.6930/G/DOP Dr. Bijoy Tamang and others Health Service10-Nov-2023 Promotio1423.pdf
10Promotion vide O.O.NO.6084/G/DOP Mrs. Lakila Dorjee Bhutia Health Service20-Sep-2023 Promotio1420.pdf
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