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1Promotion Under State Civil Srevice O.O.NO.2994/G/DOP06-Oct-2020 Promotio627.pdf
2Promotion of Shri Subash Cintury Divisional Engineer Vide O.O.NO.2954/G/DOP01-Oct-2020 Promotio625.pdf
3Promotion of State Civil Enginerring Service Vide O.O.NO.2940/G/DOP30-Sep-2020 Promotio623.pdf
4Promotion Of Stenographer Vide O.O.NO.2788/G/DOP18-Sep-2020 Promotio619.pdf
5Promotion Under Sikkim Public Service Commission O.O.NO.2321/G/DOP03-Sep-2020 Promotio610.pdf
6Promotion of Shri Bhanu Bhakta Rai O.O.No.2328/G/DOP03-Sep-2020 Promotio609.pdf
7Promotion Vide O.O.NO.2157/G/DOP26-Aug-2020 Promotio597.pdf
8Promotion of Shri D.S kerongi Vide O.O.NO.2105/G/DOP25-Aug-2020 Promotio595.pdf
9Promotion of Police Inspectors Vide O.O.NO.2106/G/DOP25-Aug-2020 Promotio594.pdf
10Promotion of Shri Birkha Bahadur Subba10-Aug-2020 Promotio591.pdf
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