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1Posting Vide O.O No 3222/G/DOP13-Aug-2021 Posting 888.pdf
2Posting vide O.O No 2990/G/DOP05-Aug-2021 Posting 886.pdf
3Appointed to Apex Scale of IAS as Addl Chief secretary Vide O.O. No 1429/G/DOP27-Apr-2021 Appointe784.pdf
4Appointment as Director General of Police Vide O.O. No 1427/G/DOP27-Apr-2021 Appointm783.pdf
5Appointment Under General Duty Medical Officer Service Vide O.O.NO.1171/G/DOP19-Mar-2021 Appointm758.pdf
6Appointment Under SCS Service Vide O.O.NO.1187/G/DOP26-Mar-2021 Appointm755.pdf
7Appointment Under General Duty Medical Officer Service Vide O.O.NO.1190/G/DOP26-Mar-2021 Appointm754.pdf
8IPS Service Vide O.O.NO.1197/G/DOP30-Mar-2021 IPS Serv753.pdf
9Appointment Under Indian Forest Service Vide O.O.NO.764/G/DOP17-Feb-2021 Appointm744.pdf
10Appointment of MD in SABCCO vide O.O No. 673/G/DOP08-Jun-2020 Appointm482.pdf
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